Persona Nite

Educational, Social, Fun

About Persona Nite

The purpose of Persona Nite is to bring groups of friends together to socialize and have fun while receiving education and tips about styling hair, applying makeup, procedure of nail care, proper maintenance of skin care, important safety and proper sanitation, etc. This service can be extended to target events such as birthday, bachelor or bachelorette, to name a few.

Key Notes

  • Persona Nite will take place at the salon upon request and appointment only.
  • We usually require clients to bring their own personal items of what they use daily and educating the many ways to use their tools.
  • Group size can range between a party of 2 to a maximum of 10. Depending on the group size and subject of course, the class can take from 1 hour minimum to 3 hours maximum.
  • The crash course will be delivered by an instructor with a teacher’s license or certified beautician.
  • This service will not be involved with any chemicals usage such as coloring, enlightening, or reconstructing hair as these processes are complex.

To learn more about Persona Nite, please contact us.